6/10/10 My Favorite Memories in Fifth Grade

I remember, like, in the beginning of the year, we went to Cranbrook for a Field trip. We leared about all kinds of things there.
One thing I remember the most is when we palyed football on a patch of flat, empty land. We divided the teams in to equal numbers and played until we had to leave and we had fun. Also, me and my friend Clay Grab footballs and kicked them across the field. We played a game to see how far we could kick and whoever kicked the farthest wins.
In the middle of the year, we started useing the laptops and Wikis. I thought it was fun because it was hard but easy at the same time and we could use the wikis to talk and write about our thoughts and stories. You can respond to other peoples stories if you read them. We also use the wikis to do science, social studies, reading, and math, but I won't get into that.
Finally, in the end of the year, we went to Fifth Grade Camp

5/25/10 The guy
Once opon a time there was a guy who was telling a story.... which is telling this story right now... okay bye.

5/24/10 Fifth Grade Camp
external image Camp%20Background%20(5).jpgWe went to fifth grade camp not to long ago and it was one of the best experiments of my life. My favorite part was the Creek Freek which was a zip line. You would have to put on a harness and get hooked up to the wire and once you say you are ready, they let you jump off and you zip down the line(i guess that is why they call it a "zip line"). I think it was fun and other people that went there thought it was fun too. My least favorite activity at camp was Climbing tower. I thought it was the hardest thing ever. The pegs were more that a foot away which made it harder and the people who was holding the line to keep me from falling let go and I fell half way and I was soooo scared. I liked the food they had there, It was good, there was a like jingle when you wanted seconds. Overall this camp was awesome!!!!

5/18/10 unknown
I think it is mean to reject someone. If they want to do something or have something, then you should let them do it or have it,

5/16/10 American/Mexican Madness
I heard that there was a little problem at a high school. Five students on Cinco de Mayo wore american flag T-shirts and flag bandanas. Those students got sent home for not showing respect for the mexicans on this mexican holiday. I didn't think that was cool.

Summer vacation
My family go on summer vacation very rarely because they have jobs, but this year, i'm tring to convince my mom that a little break will be fun. I came up with a few places that we could go to for summer vacation, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Mackinaw Island.
I tell them and a couple of weeks later, My mom said that she has classes that are all summer, so that blew it and I don't think our family will go anywhere for vacation. I am sad, now that our family is going nowhere for vacation. BOO HOO HOO!!! whatever.

Working on Word Choice
a swimming pool/clear, big or small, warm, wet
a kangaroo/leap, pocket, mammal, dry lands
bubble gum/ sticky, different colors, bubble, sweet
a milkshake/ cold, strawberry, shake, sweet
a kitten/ yarn, small, smart, eat
a hamburger/ eat, big, mustard, pickels
a playground/ playful, jungle jim, monkey bars, woodchips
an octopus/ ink, big, water, purple
pencil/ draw, doodle, scrible, round
a birthday party/ family, friends, costumes, loud
a train/ coal, electric, motor, fast
a school/ math, supplies, books, computers
a piano/ strings, delicate, electric, music
a movie theater/ seats, candy, nachos, watch
a basketball/ backboard, black, players, round
(Brandon M.)

4/28 /10
block pick-up *editted for word choice

I was riding my bike around the block, the breeze in my face, riding so fast. Then I glance at the grass of a neighbor and there was trash all over the place. It was a big dump, crumbled up paper, smashed up cans, and broken glass bottles. It was disgusting, so I raced home because it could rot the grass and it would look good. When I came back, I had soft plastic gloves, a bag and a face mask. I began picking up the trash and throwing it in the bag, it was disgusting looking at it closely, you could see where they put there lips. After I was done, I nearly threw up, but at least I don't have to pass by a disgusting lawn when I ride around the block with my block.

Scary Story VII *editted for word choise
Jack was frusterated, he was starting to think the worst of things. What if I don't make it or when will I be over. He thought about commiting suicide, but it was two soon, he rather turn in to a zombie and live than to commit suicide and die. he kept walking and talking to him self, well he had nothing else to do. He didn't like the life on the earth anymore, so he changed his mind and killed him self, right in the middle of the dark, misted forest, he took a stick and jabbed it in his heart. there was blood and it killed him instantly.

there was a guy named Charlie. people think he is a girl because of his long hair, but he is a guy. He doesn't mind it, he likes to correct them, because after he does, they all laugh. HAHAHA
One day, Charlie went to Mcdonalds.
"Hello what would you like to order?" ask the lady on the other side of the desk where Charlie was standing.
"Ohh nothing." Said Charlie, and he stood there looking at the menu.
"if you are not going to order anything, then can you please step out of the line so other people can order." said the lady. Charlie just stoof there, trying not to listen, then he said, "NO!"\
"SECURITY," said the lady
"What, Security?" Asked Charlie. Then two men came and took Charlie out of Mcdonalds.
"Have a nice rest of the day." said one of the security guards. and they lived sadly ever after.

Pride Man
He protects the City of Birmingham, making sure his city is protected and safe, and his name is... PRIDE MAN.
Red cape, and red shoes automaticly makes him a superhero. He may not fly, but he protects the city, and secretly watches us detecting danger.
"Ahhh, that man stole my purse!!!!!" Screamed a little old lady.
"Don't worry old lady, your purse will be back in your hand before you can say the alphabet 6 time none stop." said Pride Man.
He went jumping over cars and chasing the man that stole.
"Never will I stop old man." said the robber.
Then he tripped on a brick and landed in a pile of dust and dirt. Pride man took the purse and ran back to the old lady.
"I got your purse ma'am." said pride man
"Ohh, your a real life saver Pride Man." said the little old lady, and they all lived happily ever after.

The story of "Responsibility (not done yet)
People in room 211 are irresponsible, and I will not name any names but Jack B. is one of them and so is Clay, but I'm not naming any names. What they do is not do there homework when they are suppose to, or not do what somebody tells them to do. They are just lazys bums, the good thing is that they are not fat, and i'm suprized. the end

The Life of Bob
Word Masters Challenge #3
Story Writing

There was a guy named Bob. Bob was a mean guy. He didn’t want other people touching his things, or being in his yard, or even talking to him. He wasn’t buoyant. He was brusque.
Bob wasn’t healthy either. After the downfall in his place of employment, he was very frugal with his money so he didn’t spend big. He will not splurge and nurture himself with a lavish supply of food. He could resist the hungriness. He scrimped all the time and barely spent anything.
One day, he when to the store and purchased a glazed donut.
“Congratulations, you just won a very cool jet flight that can go more than a thousand feet aloft.”
“How much is it?” asked Bob.
“Hope you saved up because it is FREE!” replied the cashier.
“Where is it?” said Bob
“Go to the Chicago Airport and ask for the free jet flight. They will tell you where to go from there.”
Bob did as the cashier told him and when he got on the jet, he felt so scared, his blood vessels were popping out, and he was sweating like crazy! When the jet took off, he screamed hard. The jet was going very fast. Bob haggled with the pilot telling him to slow down, but the pilot tried not to listen. Bob just sat back and tried to enjoy the rest of the flight.
The pilot told Bob to put on a parachute-pack. Bob didn’t know what the pilot was trying to tell him, but when he put the pack on, the jet flipped over and Bob fell out.
“WHAT IS GOING OOOOOONNNNN?!?” Bob yelled as he was falling. Bob pulled the string on the pack and “PLOP!” the parachute came out and Bob floated down… until it ripped… then Bob flew threw a roof and landed on someone’s hearth. No one was in the nice dwelling, so aching in pain, Bob left the empty house and headed home. He was leaden from the inside out. He got routed badly by the impact on the fall. He decided to go to the doctor.
“The doctor is ready to see you Bob,” said the nurse with a folder at the door. Bob went to the room that the nurse told him to go in. About five minutes later, a man came in and did a check up on Bob.
“It looks like you have the dregs of health; it also seems as that you have a big chasm on the right side of your back and that might need stitches. Here, try to hew these ice-cubes,” said the doctor. When Bob felt the freezing ice, he dropped them right on the floor.
“You might only have ten days to live, your health is bad and you have chasms on your body. Well, that will be all for today Bob,” said the doctor.
Bob was sad. He only had ten days to live and that would be all for him. It could be over. He decided to cultivate on his garden for a few days, excavating bad soil out of the good soil and putting flowers into spaces where there could be flowers. For five days he worked on that and for the other five days, he worked on a dredge with some friends and cleaned out a lake on the other side of town. And for all the days, he tried to be as dote as he could.
At the end, when he died, almost everyone in the city remembered Bob.


the story of love
Bob loves Jill, Jill loves Bob, and Jacks not happy about it. (You know, jack and jill went up the hill).

"hey Bob, me and Jill went up the hill together, so leave her alone, you don't get my frined." said Jack
"Too late, we're engadged." said Bob
"UHHHH WHAT, ENGADGED!?!?" screamed Jack
"yeah, engadged, for three weaks now." Bob explained.
Jack was so mad he killed bill, bobs friend, so bob killed jack. Bob was happy, until Jason comes and kills him, then Jason marrys Jill and they live happily ever after.


What "Selfishness" is (the story path)a true story not

Hey what gives?" says Joey
"It's my lunch money now wimpy loser, haha!" said Charlie, the class bully.
"That's not nice, give is back you selfish brat!" complanies Joey.
"NO, and there's nothing you can do about it nerd!" yells Chalie.
Joey felt really sad, so he just walked away without any lunch money. He was depressed. When he went to lunch, he just sat at a table with no body else and ate nothing.
The next day, he put his lunch money in his backpack so Charlie wouldn't steal it again, but he did anyways.
"Give me the money or ELSE!" Charlie demanded
"I don't have anything, and what would you do about it Charlie?" asked Joey. Charle grasped Joey by the shirt.
"I will beat the living daylights out of you thats what I'll do, now give me the money!!!" Yelled Charlie
"Okay okay I'll get the money." Joey cried. He went to get his backpack on the ground and Charlie kicked him in the stomach really hard which made Joey cry.
"Just let me get it." Charlie said. He went through Joey's stuff, throwing it out of his backpack until he found his money.


. When they hatch, the "hatchlings" climb out of the sand and head towards the water.
Scary Storie VI
Jack started walking forward towards the end of the woods, he tried to be careful because there could be zombies where he was going. He went behind a tree where the zombies couldn't spot him but there was no zombies to spot him, so he went on with his journey. When he got to an old oak tree, he spotted a zombies that almost spotted him behind the oak tree. When the zombie looked away, Jack quietly walked up to the zombies and and sliced his neck so the blood could stream out of his neck, and it did. The other zombies ran towards Jack with RAGE. Then the zombie got sliced in halve by the knife that was in Jacks hand, which was very good for Jack, he though he was dead.
It was getting late and he slept in the woods under a big tree.
In the morning, he woke up and ran into a tree, he was so tired he ran into everything, until he ran into a zombies, then he jumped up and ran as fast as he could. He tried throwing the knife he was carring but he missed, so he ran faster. When the zombie came close enough, he would throw the other knife that he had and luckly he would not miss. When the zombie got close enough, he threw it and, he missed, again.
"AWWW COME ON!!!!!" Jack screamed
The endless chase was about ton end. When the zombie was close enough, jack turned around and punched the zonbie until he fell to the ground, then he kept kicking it until it died. Right after he walked away.

3/23/10 Skateboarding experiances

"Ouch! That hurt a lot." I yelled when it was my first time on a skateboard.
I've seen many skateboarders and I'm only six years old.
It is hard tring new things and you are only six so it is going to a long time for me to develope in skateboarding
The next day, I ask my mom to go outside again and try skatboarding again. I got used to riding on the skateboard and now I am tring to ollie which is another word for jumping on a skateboard. First try, OUCH, second try, OUCH, third try, OUCH, and then fourth try I did a little better than the first three tries and I was proud.
When I went inside, there was sandwiches and other finger food with was very good but I choose not to water your mouth.
Once I Mastered an ollie, I tried olling Stairways. It looked hard and it was hard but I mastered 4 stairs, tring a 5 stair. I was proud of my self and I didn't want to practice any more but when I heard about a contest, on STAIRS, I decided to go to the skatepark.


3/12/10 Harrison Burgeron

The Story Harrison Burgeron was in 2081, when equality was due which was in the 211, 212, and 213, nobody was better or nicer or prettier than enyone else, everyone was the same in every way. I told my family about this story and my mom just kicked into referencing, and she said, "It is just about how the government is just tring to get everyone to do the same thing so that the government can have all the power and this guy though it was unfair so his guy stood up and said enough but then he died.

Scary Story V viewers discretion is advised

Jack and the man were hungry so they stopped by a damaged but not all the way convinence store. They came out with some Twinkys and other wrapped food products. They both ate the food furiously, wanting more for them to eat.
"We have got to get out of here or we're dead meat!" Said the man
"Let's worry about other things and just get on with life." Jack said
"Hey look, A gun shop right across from us." Told the man
"Good, I am going to need it too." whispered to himself
There was no one there so he took MK 47s and pistols and geared themself with some grernads and mines for there safety when they start to be chased in the wood or something.
"Look at the zombies coming toward us, let's shoot them Jack!!"
"No kiding man." Jack insisted
BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM X100 and they shot the zombies until they saw nothing but blood.
"Wait, one more." mumbled Jack as he aimed the gun at the man.
" WAIT, you don't under st-" the the man died, he had the blood of the zombie and Jack saw the blood in his eyes.
Jack walk with both guns away from the dead body of the man that he traveled with for 3 days.
The zombie population was going down by a lot but it is also going up too because when the zombies bite people, the person turns into a zombie in minutes. So as Jack walking, Jack started picking up leafs and putting then in his pocket for some odd reason. Maybe for a leaf collection or something like that.
More zombies came and thats when Jack found out that he was out of ammo so he whack the zombies with the gums and whacked then until they died for good so he whacked them for 30 minutes and after he was done whacking the zombies, he went to the gun store to buy ammo and the store had blown up or got disinigrated, so he looked around for two daggers or knifes in ash and dust. Just then two zombies came quietly towards Jack, one grabbed him by the neck and the other one tried to bite him but Jack quicky kicked it away and luckly he found one knife just in time and he sliced the zombies arm and ran. The zombies ran after him and although they were in pain, they ran fast. Jack was catching his breath after running for a long time then the two zombies came a long and tackled Jack to the ground and tried to bite him but zombies got stabbed by the knife and they died after a few jabbs in the heart. When Jack got up, He ran into another zombie and got tackled to the ground again. Jack tried to stab the zombie but the zombie slapped it out of his hand, Jack tried to get it but the zombie kept pinning him down to bite him.
"Just a few more feet." said Jack in pain.
Then, More Zombies came, 2 more came to be exact.
"COME ONE" Jack yelled, which made the zombies made and raged.
The zombies smacked him to the ground and tried to bite jack and the zombie bit Jack right in the neck which left him on the ground. (P.S. Jack is not dead, He didn't get bit either, he was just pretending.) (P.S.S. He was bleeding though.)
Jack just lied there as the zombies ran away, and the zombies the did not know Jack was still alive, but they thought he was dead. When Jack got up, nothing was around him, nothing was going on in the place where he was standing.


Febuary 23, 2010

Boring, I had the most boring week of winter break last week. All I did was watch TV, play video games, read books, and clean, but I did do a few things that were pretty cool.

Finally, after a long period of time before heading to Oakland vert, a skate park, my dad and I went down Big Beaver to Mound and took a left on Wall Street.
"Wall Street, I have never of this street before." my dad said to me.
When we got there, we had to pay to get in and I went to the half pipe which was pretty small. I dropped down and went fast, when I got to the other ramp, I ollied which means jumped, and popped a 360 flip and landed it. I had a big smile on my face once I got to the bottom because that was the first time I landed a trick like that before.
I got home and went to bed, then WHOOOOSH, a bucket of water pours on me.

A few days later, my mom left and my dad was somewhere with my sisters which left me alone at my house so I got a bunch of popcorn and sweets for me and sat on my couch like a couch potatoe and played video games. I played this game called
madden 09 and twenty minutes into the game, I have 5 minutes to get 1 touchdown or I lose big time because the computer is good at this game. I hike the ball and look for some one deep but wide open and I throw the ball 40 yards to a wide reciever

January 31, 2010, Febuary 2-4, 2010
Scary Story 4 Where the story ends? NOPE

Jack walked down the Northwest Coast and went for a big swim which would be stupid, he could take a boat or fly there with one of those jet planes or water planes the can float and fly. He decided that if he could make it alive, he would be the first one to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, then he could get a home and some where to live for the rest of his live time. He knew there was still zombies out there and so he had to go fast. They were probaly coming for revenge, the only problem was... that he didn't know exactly how to swim.

After he got out of the hospital, he could only remember the things that happen prior or about a couple of days before.
"How do I get out of here? There is nowhere to go and nothing to travel on beside feet and land of swim but I don't know how to swim so I'm screwed. The zombies are probably coming for revenge." Jack said with fear in his mind and heart. He had to have courage to swim across an ocean, even though it sounds like the stupidest thing ever.

Swoosh, he dived in the cold ocean water and tried to swim, he didn't do good but at leased he moved across the water. He went slow, but he still went across, but he wondered, where am I going to sleep, I can't make it in one day. So he went back to shore to find a row boat or some boat.

"Where do I find a boat or a plane or a train or a bus or SOMETHING!"

A zombie sneaked up behind jack and dived for him and... MISS! HAHAHAHAHA! So Jack grabbed a stick and whacked the zombie three very hard times, then ran as fast as he could. The zombie was still a live and ran after him.

" I need a harder hit" mumbled Jack

He scrammbled through trees, leaped over bushes, and shot though open paths or hikers and campers, going very fast and not stopping or a breath or a rest. He knew he had to get out of America because zombies are forming like crazy!
The zombies was catching up with Jack but Jack didn't stop at an chances, He ran as fast as he could. He still had the stick in his hand so he leaped, twisted in air, and smacked the zombie in the face which slowed it down.

"Ha ha ha" laughed Jack and landed on a bush that poked his butt.


Jack go up and ran for his life and he ran faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a, oh sorry.

The zombie was still no dead and got right back up, running a short-cut from where Jack was running.
Jack went into a abandoned house that was still standng. He went in and found a man sittin in the corner, scared out of his mind, Jack as seen him after he defeted the giant zombie a couple of weeks ago, and the man was relieved to see him in his house which I guess was not abandoned after all.

"YES!!! I'm SAVED! Can you help me survive in this zombieland?" the Man said with a cheerful attitude.

"I guess. What do you need, water, a ride, food, what?" Asked Jack.

They went in the man's car and took off. the man was very shocked to see a hero in this old broken down house.
They went to a gas station, got gas and a few wrapped snacks for there journey. The man had a map of the United States.

"We should go to Michigan because thats the place with the least zombies. We should be able to survive there until the zombies take over the state too," studdered the man that was almost frozen because he was in his cold house with nearly nothing to wear that is warm and that can keep him from turning into a ice-cube. Jack needed to warm him up at some sort of tanning booth or something the could warm him up.
That wasn't the only problem, the man was so frightened that he didn't think straight so he did everything wrong.

"What are you doing!? You don't eat the seatbelt, you wear it you dumby, why would you eat that?" Jack yelled furiouly
The man didn't do anything so Jack slapped him.

"Ouch, why did you do THAT?!?"

"You asked for it, now start acting like you are actually smart!!" Jack insisted.

Jack kept going East until he got to Ohio then he went North until he got to Michigan whih took a lot of time to get to from California.
"Safety at last, no more zombies to worry about for the... the... 'GASP' were too late Jack, lets get out of here!" the man insisted
Both Jack and the man saw the zombies eatting a man that must of came here too. The zombies were all bloody and and messed up and they started to run towads the car at a high speed and they started to bang on the car. Jack slammed his foot on the pettle and accelerated forard towards the zombies and ran them over and left the other zombies flying outward into the fields. Jack was slamming and crashing into almost anything that was in front of the car except for buildings and big things like cars and stuff. Then, he ran into a car that was drivingtowards the side of him and he found out that the person driving was a ZOMBIE.
Jack said "What the- a ZOMBIE, they can DRIVE now!?!? AWWW come ON the is just CRAP man just crap!!!!"
They ran towars the zombie and started smashing it with a broken piece of glass. Jack was really ticked off cause he made the zombie bleed badly and I mean REALLY badly.
Jack And the man walk of with a piece of thick metal, waiting for the next zombie to come after them.

January 29, 2010
Scary Story |||1/2

Jack decided to risk his life to stop the spreding disaese. He thought that if all the zombies were dead, there would be no disaese and no more zombies.

"Let there be no more!"

He ran while stabbing and slicing, dodging and missing the zombies attacks. Jack was doing good until the time when he sliced a arm and the am came of, blood went in his mouth. He was scared he would turn into a zombie then he remembered the disaese cure that he took so he was okay until furher notice.

Jack was slicng and dicing very good, almost half the zombies were dead and he knew that the zombies had to kill him not bite him cause he had the cure for the disaese.

He was doing great until this guy came and tried to fight to but he just got bit and joined the army of zombies. The zombie attacks were not growing, they were acually getting smaller by the minutes because less zombies there were, the less power they had. So everything was going his way. Well, thats what he thought until he was done and he went on top of the mountains.

He found this huge zombie about the size of a house. They found a way to grow by combinding together and reform into a biggr zombie. So if the is enough zombies, they could form and become bigger than a 5 story buildng. That's HUGE! Jack was scared. He had to fight it, or they could take over the world. He went with the fighting part even though he thought he was crazy to evn hink about it, but he had to save the world, so he ran towards the big zombie and the zombie threw his/her arm and ripped Jack off his path with so much force, it felt like it ripped his body in half. That didn't stop Jack. He got right back up and went back to fight. Jack started at the legs and sabbed it until he fell and an for the head. EEEKKKKKKK, screamed the zombie after Jack stabbed his\her eyes out with the big sword some people call it. The zombie was crying for mercy, but then, Jack when to the heart and... (STAB) the zombie died with honor and pride...NOT. But he did die with a lot of blood, zombie blood, which is a lot more disgusting than even alien blood, zombie blood is green and red which makes a deformed color. Gross!

Jack was glad with the zombie was dead but he was concerned that he might came back to life. But at least he could be popular. He felt like he was some sort of hero or something. Jack was completly tired and fell on the ground, nearly paralized, unconsious, DEAD, but he wasn't.
A man came and saw him lying on the hard rock outdoor floor. He took him staight to the hospital paid for him to get a check up to see if h is okay but he wasn't, he was actually turning red by the second. The doctor said that if he's luck, he could live for the next hour and we could try to make him better, but if not, he would die in about... thirty minutes so we have to start fast.

Your probaly wondering how there is doctors on that side of town. Jack killed all the zombies before it made it to the other side of town so that was a good thing.

It was the next day and Jack woke up which means that Jack was okay for the past 8-9 hours. He felt fine. He got up and walked out the hospital and decided to get some food. he found a McDonalds a couple of blocks away from the hospital. He went in and found, of course, nobody. He found some money in the cash register and a bunch of hamburgers in one of those holder things. He took a life supply of hamburgers, well at least until he dies which would probaly be in a couple of years. He could live in the shop if he wanted to.

He neede to find a place where there are no zombies at all. Jack Colby was in for one big adventure ahead of him.

​To be Continued even MORE!

January 27, 2010
Scary Story |||

Alone AGAIN, he walks down a forest path. The forset seemed scary but he figuerd all forests were scary so he just went on. Ther was a lake ahead so he went towards it. Besides himself stepping on sticks and leaves, he hears someone else. He guessed it was zombies and he guessed right. He ran toward the lake faster than before and zomibies trailed behind. He finds a motor boat but he was too late, the zombies were on his tail (not literaley) about to granb him. He jumped and tried to make it to the boat and, and, AND, YES! he made it. Unfortionally the zombies grabbed on to the boat and tried to get on.
So close but yet too far, Jack thought, and so he had to swim to get away from the zombies.

At shore, he thought the zombies were far enough, so he went on and thought What if zombies take over the United States, what if they take over the WORLD!

Jack thought this as he walks, with Bliss's mahetee, towards an angry mob of ZOMBIES. It was crazy, but he had to do it.


January 25, 2010
Scary Story ||

Everyone Thought that Jack was DEAD, but he wasn't, he was fine, just walking down an abandoned city trying to see if hee finds anyone that could he cure him.
Sick, he is half a zombie and he he could turn anyone in a zombie, but since he is part zombie, anyone he bites could bite him back so he didn't bite anyone.
As he walks, he sees a lady walking towards him with a mahetee and a gun. She looked like a nurse, blue clothing, the hat, and one of those masks the doctos use when they are doing surgery or something. Jack though she was wearing it so she doesn't get the disaese.

"Freeze! Are you a zombie?!?!"

"No!! I wouldn't be walking if I was a zombie, see look, I'm standing."

"Your eyes, their red and white, that means you are part zombie. Come with me and hurry."

Jack and the nurse went into a room whee he could be tested and see if there is any cure to the zombie disaese of monkey virus the nurse called it.

"I need to do some testing so we need to get blood samples," Said the nurse, "and by the way, my name is Bliss."

" Okay, lets find the cure... Bliss.

Bliss got blood samples and looked at them very closely. She saw that the blood from the monkey virus took over other blood which led into the brain and heart. That turns the people with the blood into a ZOMBIE!!!!

A few days later, Bliss made the cure.

"I found it! It's very dangerous, you have to drink the right amount or this could be deadly!" said the Bliss sadly.

"Do you even know how much to put in a cup or spoon?" questioned Jack

"That's what I am tring to figuer out right now."

"Good. I don't feel good right now.
Bliss put a few drops in a spoon and Jack drank it. Just than, a disaesed man walked in and charged towards Bliss and Jack. While Jack cured, Bliss took the Mahetee and stabbed the man right in the heart.

"Hurry, I hear more coming, cure, CURE!"

"I feel good now. I think I am cured. Great, lets go we need to go back to Kansas to get my stuff and then go to California, I think that is the safest place in America."

Back at Kansas, Jack grabbed all his stuff and headed for the door. just then, Something wasslamming against the door and it sounded furious!
He opened the door and More than two zombies came rushing in and they WERE furious. they were all bloody and pale white. Without a mahetee or sword, he was finished.

Jack ran towards the closest window to jump out of but he rememberd he was in a 10 story hotel and he was on the 4th. He ran towards the staris and saw Bliss waiting.
"Are you rea... Zombies RUNNN!!!!
In a blink they were out of the hotel running as fast as they could to the car.

"Why didn't you Yell or scream or ANYTHING!"

"If I had yelled or sceam, they would have followed me and found me HERE. Now lets get out of here!"

Off to California, their car brakes down and they crash into a pole.

"OUT! OUT! OUT!" said Jack frightened. They scrammbled out of the car and the car exploded. Bliss got up while Jack stayed on the ground, DEAD, of all these years, how does a man die bu a - wait he ALIVE!

In pain, he gets up barely and go for medical help (with Bliss).

At the hospital, Jack is paralized with one shot and Bliss tries to fix the Boken bones in his body. Just then, a zombie came up to her and bite her in the neck like a vampire. Then the zombie throws her to the ground and squeezes her eyes until there is now more blood.

The zombie doesn't notices Jack and leaves Jack alone again.

Jack wakes up an finds Bliss dead on the ground. He thought she killed herself so he didn't care. Off he went, in the lonely world.

January 21, 2010 Brandon
Scary Story (This story may be Disturbing)
*sentence structure fix-up.

One night, sky full of rumbling clouds, two guys try to rob a science lab. The lab full of diseased monkeys.
" Give me my MONKEY," yelled the first robber. "I need my Monkey!"
" I'm doing tests. Stay away from the monkeys. They are very sick." said the scientist.
" We don't have all day were taking the monkey.
The robber grabbed the cage, then the moneky bit his arm and monkey injected blood from his body.
" OH MY GOSH! What did it DO!"
He didn't feel like himself and in no time, his eyes were red and brown, the red being blood. He ran for his running partner. The monkey diesase over took his body and he started to bite people and inject blood into anyone he can ge his hands on. Once he bites someone, the disease spreads on to the person that the zombie bites. On it spreads, the whole town is gone either because the people are running or the people have the disease and are chasing people.
There was only one survivor, and his name is Jack Colby. He was getting checked up at the hospital. Limping his way out of the hospital, he finds nobody at the desk, nobody outside, nobody anywhere. confused, he starts walking his way down street and up hills, though the citys and down the town. Still, he finds nobody. he stops by a hotel to get some rest. The next morning he starts walking and finds someone sprinting towards him. He was a zombie. Jack didn't know that he had the disaese, he didn't even know what the disaese was. Another man that doesn't have the disaese, that has a sword and slices the zombie.
"Your safe now boy. Whats your name?"
"Uhhh... Jack... Colby, and thanks."
"Don't mention it. Stay away from those people, they have a disaese that could turn you into a zombie."
"What!?!? A zombie?!?! What do you mean?!? Are you JOKING?!?!
"Stop with the questions boy! Just do as I say. Do you want to DIE!?"
They walk on the next day and go to a store and take a some food to store in their car that should last more than a month.
They go west toward Kansas and to find if they can find any other survivors.
They stop because Jack saw someone. They went out to find nobody there. The man goes in a building and finds a liquid falling. It goes in his eyes and thats when he finds that the liquid was blood from a dead disaesed body. The blood starts to spread in his body and in seconds, he is zombie!
He goes out to the car with jack in it. He slams against the window. Jack grabbed his sword, brakes the window and slices the mans head. Terrified, he gets out of the car and sprints, worried about the disaese that might be spread on to him.
Finally, Jack makes it to Kansas. Freash air to breathe instead of air of the disaese air of Missouri.
Where am I, thought Jack.
"HELLO, is anyone here, HELLO!"
No one answered. He kept on calling until he got tired and decided to get some rest.
Just then, he saw an angry mob of zombies. He needed to find a place to hide but he didn't find any place. He just ran as fast as he could. He saw the sword on the ground and decided he could just slice anyone that comes near him with the disaese. He saw someone in front of him with the disaese. Jack dived with the sword in front of him and stabbed the zombie, then got and ran.
Unfortionally, a zombie caught up with him and bit him, but luckily, he didn't inject blood fast enough and he sliced his head off.
Although he got bitten, he is not a zombie, But he still has the disaese, so if anyone hugges or kisses him, they would turn into a zombie.
Frightened, he runs away, never to be seen again.

The thing that I miss the most and the recovery.
January 20, 2010
I Miss T. Burt
The thing that I miss the most is my old school. My old schools name was H.T. Burt. It was in Detroit in the city of Ortinville. it was a nice school that was on a hilltop. It was not steep, it was at the perfect angle. Me and my friend Brandon Jefferson used to roll down the hill a lot. My friend Brandon was my BEST friend. The reason we were friends were because we had the same first name. I like the because of the friends that I had, it was a great school to be at.
Although I miss my old school, I like my new school too. My new Schools name is Pembroke. It is in Troy and I live in Birmingham now. There is flags of every country in the world. It is really cool. I have a new friends now and and they are nice and friendly. I like the school. It is a big school with many classrooms. The teachers are nice and friendly too. The city Park is very nice and the play structer is very big, the librarys have soooo many books on their shelfs, I don't have enough time to look at all of them, barely even twenty. The City of Birmingham is not that big which is one of the reasons I don't like the City that much, but I haven't been through the whole city yet. One of my friends at the new school is Isiah. He is a good friend. i've known him for two years now. We do a lot of stuff, we do projects, papers, math & science, and many other things together. Another friend is Mauricio. He is in my class now. he is a good friend. I do many things with him also. He is my best friend.


The ones that I picked was freestyle skiing and elevation snowboarding because thay sounded most interesting to me.

First I will talk about freestyle skiing. I like free style skating because when I see the people jump up in the air, it leaves me wondering, how do they do that, and they land it and everything they do is cool when it comes to skiies and ramps.
Now lets talk about snowboarding. I think snowboarding is cool also because the people who snoeboard do almost the same thing the skiiers do because the setting is ramps and places where the snowboarder could go up and do twists and turns. I think the people who snowboard get more muscle than skiiers because snowboards are one piece they have to travel on and get enough air to do all the tricks and twists which sounds pretty hard.

I can get on a snowboard and ride around but I would never be able to backflip or frontflip or whatever they do on the snowboards, and I can't ride on skiies so snowboarding is the kind of sport for me if I'm going to do anything outside in the winte

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