Think about the Lesson 4 Experiment. Discuss the following questions regarding the falling-weight system with your group member(s). Write your thoughts below each question.

1. What caused your vehicle to move slowly when you used the falling-weight system?
Having less weight on the string.

2. What caused it to move fast?
Having more weight on the string.


You are part of a famous engineering design team. Your team has been hired by "Out-of-this-World-Vehicles," a company that specializes in designing space exploration vehicles. Your team must design and build a lunar vehicle that will move slowly on wheels across the lunar surface while being pulled by a rope. The design requirements are the following:
  • Review the "Our Lunar Vehicle" and "Response" sections BEFORE starting your design, so you know the requirements.
  • Start with the standard vehicle.
  • Add building pieces to make your design unique. Be creative!
  • Your vehicle must be able to carry large lunar rocks (represented by wood blocks).
  • Your vehicle must move across your work space in 4 to 6 seconds while being pulled by a rope.
  • This assignment must be complete by the end of today's Science block.
  • All group member(s) MUST have the opportunity to help design/build the vehicle.
  • Go!


*Take two pictures of your Lunar Vehicle. One from the side and one from a birds-eye view. Upload the pictures below.

*Take a video of your vehicle moving according to the Design Challenge specifications. EMBED (don't "Link") the video below.


With your partner, respond to the following questions:

1. Before starting to build your vehicle, how did your group prepare?
We did not.

2. Did you experience any problems as you were building your vehicle? How did you solve them?

3. How did you test your vehicle to determine whether it met the requirements?
By pushing it.

4. How did your vehicle move?
It moved because it had wheels.

5. Did you change anything about your vehicle or the falling-weight system after you tested it the first time? Tell about the changes and why you No.