Welcome to Room 211, Anthony!
my freind michael loves sports hes very kind his favoret food is steak his favoret coler is green his favoret subject is science his favoret book is dairy of a wimpy kid .

Anthony"s writer's notebook

O.K class we are taking a spelling test so get out a lined piece of paper and a pencil.
The first word is hearth the floor of a fire place,dredge a mechine equiped with a under water scooping device, hew to make or shape, purchase to exchange money for the same value but it is an object, cultivate to prepare and improve, buoyant tending to float, rout an over whelming defeat, excavate to make a hole, leaden made of lead, dregs the sediment in a liquid, scrimp to be very frugal, lavish given or provided, chasm a deep crack or opening,haggle to bargin, resist to strive, downfall a sudden loss of wealth, nurture to feed and protect, frugal being carful, glaze a thin smooth shiny coating, splurge to spend money wastfuly, aloft a high place, vessel a ship or large boat, dote to show love, brrusque to rudly interupt, dwelling a place to live in. That is the end of our spelling test.

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