my-mid_winter_break.jpgTHE KILLER FISH 1/20/10

On Christmas day we got a huge fish tank that are parents got us. In a month we got twelve fish.the next day we decided to get another fish,my brother and me called the fish blue lightning.the other fish were called dash,bubbles,stripes and other fish.

when we put blue lightning in the tank the next day we were watching tv when I noticed fish bones at the bottem of the fish tank. I rushed to get my parents. we all thought about witch fish killed that fish we were all shocked with our mouthes wide open.

so we got a new fish, the day we got the new fish it was FLOATING UPSIDE DOWN!. we were all shocked.By the end of the month all the fish were dead exseped bubbles.Then we noticed that blue lightning was chasing bubbles.then we knew that blue lightning was the killer fish.


By: Anthony
‚ÄčChristmas Morning
my sleep over birthday
Disney World
My airsoft war
tower of terror
My brothers new video game
My favorite thing to do at 5th grade camp
My favorite 5th grade memories

working on word choice
Swimming pool- rafts, thermomiter, pool toys, noodles
Kangaroo- jump, high, big, big ears
Bubble gum- flavers, chewy, bubbles, pieces
milkshake- brown, white, cold, dairy, dairy mat
Kitten- fury, staring eyes, hiss, black
Hamburger- big, tamatoe, mustard, letace
Playground- children, playing, running, play structure
Octopus- slimy, big, lots of arms, long arms
Pencil- pointy, pink, led, longer than a finger
Birthday party- fun, clown, baloons, gifts
Train- long, big, lights, fast
School- qiet, line, pencil, paper
piano- noise, big, black, strings
Movie theater- candy, funny, action, scary
basketball- round, hoop, swish, shoot


external image sea-turtle.jpgexternal image vista-wallpaper-green-sea-turtle.jpgexternal image sea-turtle.jpg

external image pocket-god-volcano.jpgPOCKET GOD
This is my favoirit app because it is only 0.99 cents and you can make them bounce
on the clouds and try to ceep them on as long as you can. And you can change the
settings like under water and on a ice beerg.