Welcome to Room 211, Andrew!
Joey loves hippos. Its his favorite thing in the world!!!!!!! He also loves my moms ribs, and he choose sooccer over baseball and football [ wich I think was a bad decision ] but he is really good at it. He also loves turkey every time I come over he is eating turkey. He loves playing call of duty and halo. His favorite songs are I know you want me and throw it in the bag. He is a great friend!!!!!!!!!

Andrew's Writers Notebook

The Spelling Bee

His brain hurting, his body shaking, his hart pumping, in front of a big audience with no letters coming out was the worst feeling for anybody. Dave was kind of used to this thing happening, but it still was frustrating and embarrassing to have to not now a word in a spelling bee.

One day when Dave got home from school he saw a spelling bee news letter on his door step. It read: Kansas Spelling Bee, Only the finest spellers in the state. He got so exited because he knew the he was the best speller in the school. He went straight to his mom and asked her if he could go.

The next day was auditions. You had to go in and spell 5 words: Hearth, dredge, hew, purchase, and cultivate. If you get all of them right, you are good enough to go to the state spelling bee.

Dave was studying and studying the rules of spelling, reading dictionaries, and spelling out big words.

The day of the bee Dave was very nervous, exited, and tiered at the same time. On drive to the spelling be Dave’s mom was quizzing him just to be sure that he had the last finishing touches.

“Welcome to the Kansas state spelling bee," yelled president of the contest. " Wooooooo," the crowd roared. “Now, how today is going to work is we are going to call every body in alphabetical order. The winner gets one of these shinny trophies, but the trick is that you have to get all 15 of there words right and we are not going to say the definitions of the words. Now lets get started, “explained the President.

About three hours later Dave Zwuchi was of course the last one. The least the people before him missed was 1, so Dave had to get 14 to tie or 15 to win. “Dave Zwuchi please come up to the stand," the President said. “Are you ready Dave?" “Yes Mr. President," Dave responded.
" Okay 1. Buoyant," “b-o-u-y-a-n-t," “2. Rout," “r-o-u-t," “3. Excavate," “e-x-c-a-v-a-t-e," “3. Leaden," “l-e-a-d-e-n," “4. Dregs," “d-r-e-g-s," " 5.scrimp," “s-c-r-i-m-p," "6. Lavish," " l-a-v-I-s-h," " 7.chasm," “c-h-a-s-m," 8. Haggle," “h-a-g-g-l-e," “9. Resist," “r-e-s-i-s-t," “10. Downfall," " d-o-w-n-f--a-l-l," " 11. Nurture," " n-u-r-t-u-r-e," " 12. Frugal," “f-r-u-g-a-l," “13. Glaze," " g-l-a-z-e," " and this is your last one Dave, if you get this right, then you win it all. Are you ready," the president said as Dave nodded, '' your word is splurge," “s-p-l-u-r-g-e," " You win, Dave Zwuchi wins it all," shouted the president.