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Jan. 21 2010
One thing I Really Miss

*edited for word choice

It was Christmas Eve’s morning, and I was coming back from a sleep over with Michael. When I walked though the door and my face fet as if I was wimping, feeling sorry, my cat Oliver was laying on the ground! I thought back a couple days and remembered he was puking. I thought he was probably just sick. But then it got worse. He would not eat any food, not even the catnip. Ten minutes later he was still moaning and lying down. That was it, my dad stomped straight to the phone and called Oscars dad [Dr. Al]. My dad hung up and told us. My family made a quick decision, Oliver was going to have to be put to sleep. As we walked out the door we cried but then thought that Oliver would be in a better place.Tomorrow was Christmas, and it would just be bad for Oliver to have to suffer like that. So we said our goodbyes and left.
Jan. 22 2010

The Day I Threw Up On My Desk
* edited for sentence structure and word choice

It was Friday, and it all started when my mom told me that after school, I could have a sleep over with my friend Patrick. It was fun to have sleepovers with him, so I got really exited.

So I put on my favorite shirt and I jumped to school with a big spring in my step with a grin on my face. I knew that it would be an exiting summer day.

Well, I guess I jinxed my self, because when I got to school my stomach started to ache. I was moaning and hurting hoping it would go away. But sadly, it never did. Maybe I was just really, really hungry.

At lunch I was definitely not just really, really hungry. My stomache hurt so bad I could not even eat. Usualy if I ran alot
my stomach aches would go away, but this one was way to bad.

The whole recess I was laying on the bench trying to make it stop. Mabye my mom would not notice and I could still have the sleepover.

After recess, I used all my strength to slowly drag up the strairs with my stomach still hurting. I put my head down on my desk and decided if I should call my mom or not. But before I could, I spread my arms out on my desk and let the puke slip right out. It was green and I got it all over my new, favorite, white, shirt. I was not the only person who noticed, everybody in the class did. I quickly slipped into the coat room, grabbed my coat and ran to the bathroom.

While I was in the bathroom I took of my now green soggy shirt and put on my North face fleece. I was thinking how embarrassed I was because it was the ugliest color, it was all over my desk, and everyone saw it.

Before I new it I was in the office waiting for my mom to come pick me up. She walked in and said " Awwww, poor guy" like she always does.

While we go in the car I told my mom all about the whole day and she said she was happy I came home... I was to.

MAX, Anthony, Joey, Jack, Aaron!Danny!!!!!!!$$$$$$!!!!!!$$$$

Jan 26 2010

Slush on the ground sun in the sky. Michigan is a mix of everything. There is the bigest houses to the smallest house there is the the richest to the poorest the bad the good and every thing you could think of. In the winter its really cold in the summer it is very hot. There are expencive resuraunts to cheap reasturaunts.

I think Michigan is special. Why would any one want to leave it. I think everyone should live in Michigan.

Feb. 2010
How to Make an Audacity

Have you ever played around with audacity before? Well I have. It is one my favorite ways to work with technology, but you really have to know how to do it. I will tell you how.

1. If you are on a desktop, you will need to get some heard phones from Mrs. Davis, if you are on a laptop, you are fine
2. Go to all programs then go to MIC but don't click on it, then CLICK ON audacity
3. If you are in audacity you will see a large button that says record click on it and start talking, singing, breathing or whatever you are suposed to do
4. When you are done, go to file and click on export as mp3 then you can click save project and this fill out will pop up but never put your last name on it because it is going to go on the wiki
5. Go to the class wiki [] go to student portfolios and click on you name
6. go up to edit click then there will be this small picture and it will say file and you click on it and if you look on the right hand side of the screen it will say Embed file then click on the arrow next to it and click on link to file
7. Then find your mp3. on the left click on it x out and save

That is how you do an audacity!


My Winter Break

This winter break was a great winter break it was really great and exiting, but really short. I am going to tell you a little bit about it.

Once again my story starts out with me coming back from a sleepover but this time I came back to somthing exiting. I waled in and my parents were smileing and and had a camera out. My dad got us all togther and said that my mom had an anouncement to make.

Harison Bergeron

Some people would say that that story was not a good prediction a good prediction or other things. That is why I interveiwed my mom on her opinion. After she read the story she said that it was very distubing and that that is what the goverment is going towards.

What I dont get is that the people in the story liked how everybody was happy with how eqal they are. I would not be very happy.



A Baseball Game in Detroit

As my family and I drive past all the parking lots I watch the signs go by..... 5$..............7$.............10$...............15$......... We pull in. We get out and see the big tiger infront of comerica park. We start walking and I see all the homeless people with cups asking for money. I feel bad and I would give them money ... but we have a baseball game to get to. I run down the streets gazzing at the baseball ferris wheel." Dady, Dady, can we go on that," shouts my brother. "I guesse so," said my dad.

Tripping over big, small, medium feet on the way to are seat I looked at the beautiful shiny feild right infront of my eyes. It was so great, it was hard to look away. Finally we sat down. It was chilly october and we were at a baseball game............... it was best feeling in the world.

" On the Detroit Tigers, number 30, Magglio Ordonez," the ononcer said as the crowd whent crazy. Every time somone is up to bat on the Tigers they play a special song for a batter. Then everyone dances and sings to the song. But watching danceing is not the only fun part of the game, they have a bunch of cams like: pizza cams, haircut cams, danceing cams, kissing cams, and lotto cams.

Homework Assignment: Love * edited for word choice

Have you ever loved somthing. Well I have, it's a great feeling.

Dripping with sweat all over my face as I make my drive to the basket. I dribble left, right, the through the legs.... I shoot... and score. " Honey, dinner is ready," my mom had to say to ruin all the fun. Ending on a good note I shoot a three pointer and put the ball in the ball holder under the basketball hoop. I run to the side door disapointed the I have to leave m favorite game basketball.

Homework Assignment: Selfishness

Hitting your books on the floor, calling you mean names, cheating of your anwser, more and more and more. bulies are bad very very bad. If all people could just be nice to each one another. If people could just be mean to people if there diferent.

Homework Assingment: Responsibility

Responsibility is one of the most important character traits in the world. If you don t have responsibility the you will have a harsh life and will not go through it well.

Responsibility is the thing that you have to take care of that people incuding your selfe are depending on you for. For example.... I am doing this right now so Mrs. Davis does not have to worry about me getting my homework done for the rest of the year, and me, so I dont get a bad grade. That is my bit on responsibility.

Homework Assignment: Pride

What is pride? Pride is the lion king, pride is pembroke, pride is very very important. Pride means that you are proud and happy of what you have done.

eraser poem
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How I Once Helped the Environment
Once in the classroom I was just minding my own buisness, and throughing my snack away when my face goes blank when I see what is in the garbege can. I shoot my arm into it and pull out a huge wad of paper. I stop out the door to the recycleing bin and throw the paper in it. That was a time I helped the invrierment.

Practicing Word Choice
swimming pool- ripple, warm, cold, big
kangaroo- big, small, mammal, fast
bubble gum- snap, bubble, thick, thin
milk shake- spin, chunky, twix, snickers
kitten- soft, old, shed, pur
hamburger- tomato, 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound, mustard
playground- monkey bars, wood chips, red, blue
octopus- deep, small, big, ink
pencil- break, dull, sharp, chipped
birthday party- big, small, great, bad
train- fast, hobos, boxcars, coal
school- lunch, math, recesses, science
piano- 88, black, white, Beethoven
movie theater- seats, back, front, Jackie Chan
basketball- fun, Wilson, Jordan, Ming

As I lay down on the dark green prickly grass, my back starts to itch. But it is worth it because it is a nice sumer day. I don't usually like the hotness, I like the fall, but there is nothing like playing footballl with your friends, and being out of school. I here the ice cream truck, and the kids screaming for it, I here the other kids yelling " lemonade, 25 cents! " All I see is everyone I know running around the park enjoying the one and only summer. It was really nice knowing that everyone around me was having a great time, playing tag, shooting hoops, or what I was doing, passing a football around. Summer is a great holiday, when everyone can have fun, and there is no doubt about that.

Mexican/USA Debate
The story is about 5 students that came to school on cinco de mayo with red, white and blue tee-shirts. The population of the school was mostly mexicans. The princibal thought this was unexaptebale that the students came to school with american flag shirts on this certain day, so he gave them two choices, they could put there shirts inside out, or go home. I think I agree with the princibal. He made a good choice, because it was very inapropreat to be mean like that.

5th Grade Camp

As I catch my self singing Love Game with the radio, we pull in to Camp Copneconic. I knew this was going to be a long three days and two nights. This

My 5th Grade Memories

At the begining of the year my favorite part was probably was haloween because we were still geting to know each other and we got to see each others costumes. It was very fun, because most of the people had some very funny costumes. The games were horable beacause we thought of them. That was the only bad part.