6-10-10 My favorite 5th grade memories.

"Nueldels" said Gunner as he recalled something that I might of said in kindergarden. " I diddn't say that!" I said, but he still thinks I did. One more memory is the Cranbrook field trip. We went to Cranbrook and learned about wildlife, and then we learned about how divers see under water using a robot called lil' ray. Then we had lunch and played football. One last one from the beggining of the year is the holoween party. we all dressed up and had snacks and just all had fun.

In the middle of the year we had the pta reflections and we had pizza and cinnamon sticks and talked about our entries. Then their was the first snow day when me, Michael, Clay, and Lane from mrs. Harts' class played zombies then got pizza, soda, and cinnamon sticks and went to my house to watch t.v.

In the end their was the activitys at camp like the creek freak, and disk golf, but my favorite was the highropes. The high ropes corse is a big corse that has a lot of obstacles like the swing and the hour glass. The swing is just how it sounds, it is a swing, but the hourglass is two ropes intersecting that are really hard to cross. I like the obstacles and the challenge. One more from the end of the year is the intence 4 square games. We play during recess an it gets really fun, but hard.

I love 5th grade!

My favorite thing at camp
"Oh no!" I yelled as I missed the swing and it sailed back to Margeret.

We were at the high ropes corse and I diddn't catch the swing in time. The high ropes corse is a big corse that has a lot of obstacles like the swing and the hour glass. The swing is just how it sounds, it is a swing, but the hourglass is two ropes intersecting that are really hard to cross.

I like the high ropes corse because it is scary and fun at the same time. You should try it if you lihe a challenge.

American T-shirt contreversy
On cinco de mayo this year in California 4 kids were sent home for wearing patriotic gear.

The vice principle sent them home. He said that it was a mexican holiday and the school had a lot of mexican American. I think this was unfair because all they did was wear t-shirts, so unless they personally tried to cause a fight I see nothing wrong with what they did.

0505lostudents[1]ggggggggg.JPG The kids that got sent home.


Boom! Went the airsoft gun as I dive into cover behind a tree. We were playing airsoft and my friend Lane had just fired his shotgun at
me. I hoped out and hit him in the arm with my pistol.

Airsoft is a company that makes airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are fake guns that fire plastic pellets. You can get them in all different guns, some full auto, and some semi auto.

We always break up into teams and have a battle, there are two ways to play, the life versoin or the mercy rule version. The object of the mercy rule version is to get everyone on the other team to say mercy by shooting them, but nobody has ever called mercy. The object of the life version is to shoot someone a certian number of times, if you get shot, you lose a life.

Airsoft is a fun game, but it takes some practice!

working on word choice
swimming pool- waves, wet, chlorine, no oxygine.
kangaroo- jump, pocket, living, joeys
bubble gum- bubble, exhale, sticky, delicious
milkshake- good, unhealthy, flavored, milk
kitten- cat, small, adorabale, fun
hamburger- popular, dinner, mustard, pickles
playground- recess, sports, games, kids
octopus- water, big, wet, cool
pencil- wood, utencil, helpful, hand
birthday party- fun, friends, birth, party
train- big, fast, transportation, station
school- kids, morning, weekdays, hallways
paino- percussion, band, keyboard, lessons
movie theater- candy, seats, movie, people
basketball- shoot, game, sport, leauge

"Come on everybody" said my mom as we hopped in the car. " I don't think we should drive, it is only a mile away" I said, " maybe we should ride bikes, they are better to the earth and the enviorment." " Good idea" my mom said, and we rode bikes instead of driving.
Colorado 4-27-10

In colorado me and my brothers do a lot. We go skiing mostly though in the winter. In the summer we like to go fishing, bike riding, and have airsoft fights. My favorite part of skiing is the terrain park where you can do grinds, jumps, and boxes. I like catching fish and getting my brothers in a corner with my airsoft gun pointed at them. I lovie Colorado in so many ways because there is so many things to do there.

My favorite thing to do in Colorado is to sit back and relax, ( well that and skiing, fishing, bike riding, and haveing airsoft fights!)

Theme: Adventure
"edited for word choice"
Once upon a time John went walking in the woods. When he came back the town was missing. He saw Mr. Robinson run away.

He chased Mr. Robinson away. They ran and were in the golden city. John grabbed the town with his super powers and ran.

When John got back everything was normal.


Gratefulness means to be happy and thankful. You can be grateful to anything.You can be grateful for a cookie or a go-kart. And that is what gratefulness means to me.

My school has a lot of pride. They have a wall that show people who showed pride. Anybody can get on the wall. Everybody tries to get on.

The missing dog
My dog is responsible. Every day we leave her at home and when we come back she is always by the door.
One day she was missing and we looked all over. We still couldn't fond her until I found her on my mom's bed sleeping. She is very responsible. And that is how we found the missing dog that wasn't ever really missing.

Swish! went the net as the ball went in. "yes!" screamed Herny and Zack. They loved basketball and tonight was thier final game.

At the game, in the last minuite, Zack shot from half court and made it. They won!

They celebrated at the pizza place and ate pizza. He looked back and saw the play all over again. "I love basketball!" he said, and ate his pizza.

Boom! Went the bank as it exploded. The selfish man walked away laughing. he blew up the bank because they diddn't give him a gumball. Then he went to jail for being mean and selfish. Three years later he came out and was nice. Everyone was nice to him because he was to them. He got help if he needed it and helped other people. Everyone was good to him because he was nice.

The moral of this story is that if you're nice to others they will be nice to you and if you are mean they will be mean to you.

I woke up and saw the beat up hearth. We really need to widen it with a dredge.
I got out of bed and saw the head rest, which we needed to hew, it looked like a pencil, here let me tell you a little about me.
You see, I am the youngest of 7, so I always got the dregs, and we lived in a house that was an easy purchase because it was abanded by old people 70 years ago, but it wasn’t free because they will cultivate it soon, hopefully…
I got to school and saw how buoyant the teacher was so I decided to take advantage of it and asked for 10 minutes of extra recess, But I felt rout because she said it wasn’t that easy.
During recess I went to excavate fossils, but found none because the shovel almost broke, we needed them to leaden it because it was made of plastic, and I had a chasm communication with the principle about digging a big hole on the playground, she had mistaken it for a chasm… ha ha.
During school we couldn’t use laptops because we wanted to scrimp electricity and be frugal, but we got lavish cookies for being good.
After school I went out to the market and bought a bag of chips, but I had to haggle because I was 40 cents off, but I still got the chips when I had to splurge my money, but when I got home I had to resist getting beat up by my brothers for my chips. Then I sat there after my downfall because I lost the money I spent on my chips, aw man! I was going to nurture those chips!
The next day we had art and I had to glaze my pot, it had an elephant on it, but then I got thrown up in the air and was aloft, then I got beat up, so much I had to almost use a vessel to hold my blood…
When I got home my mom came over to dote me, but I had to give her a brusque excuse why I had to wash my cuts, so I ended up dwelling in the bathroom until she forgot about me.
I went downstairs and had dinner, while I ate I thought about how, this week wasn’t so bad…
The end

Chase ran as he saw the police helicoptor light shine inches away from him. He dove into a building that he assumed was a barn. He decided to live there for a while until the police forget about him.

"Welcome to another great year at forestside elementary!" exclamed the loud speaker as Alex tried to figure out where his locker was. He was the new kid so it was like him vs the rest of the school. Everyone, even the teachers stared at him weird
Sea turtles cycle.isf

Sea turtles have interesting lives. They have to learn to survive be eating strange foods. They have to face a lot of dangers like pollution. They even go to lay eggs on the same beach they were born on. Try to learn more by resercerching!

"edited for word choice"
"Careful, Careful" said Mr. Young as he hammered in his last nail, he was fixing the rain gutter "done!" Mr. Young exlaimed as he went inside, not realizing the flashing light headed toared Detroit. When Mr. Young got inside his wife and kids were gone, so he natuarlly got scared. He looked everywhere but still couldn't find them.

Three years later Mr. Young still couldn't find them, at that point he had already given up so Mr. Young had moved, but one day he saw the picture of his family. Mr. Young decided to try to find them today. He walked to Detroit and saw the light heading for the park. Mr. Young ran up and saw his wife and kids. He ran and brought them back home.


Once upon a time there was a evil guy who liked tacos. He captured a cheese and tried expirements with it. once he grinded it and put it on a taco and ate it. And that is how cheese met tacos.

My Favorite things.isf Link to favorite things, to big to show... :)

My Favorite things
Crack! Everybody heard as I hit the ground. I sat there a while as everything was quiet. Then I fell down to the ground as I examine my injuries. I had just failed the spine transfer. That was one of the many times I got hurt skatboarding, but I still LOVE it. I like the feeling you get after you land an awesome trick, like a double arial heelflip. I also like the flow I get from air.

Another one of my favorite things is flying on airplanes, even though most people hate it. I like the food on the airplanes because they give us chips and soda. I also don't mind catching up on sleep. I like everything on airplanes exept the landing because it feels like a vacume cleaner is sucking your ears out.

I LOVE puppies and dogs. There are so cool.I like the kind of dogs like golden retrivers that are wild and will play. I have 2 dogs right now as a matter of fact, thier names are Indigo and stella.

3/17/10 A strange day

Gerton walked down the deserted alley. "Ready?" asked his ally, "lets go" said Gerton. They both said some words and walked away.

Elswhere it was a normal day. Ron Hernad was heading into work. But when he got there nothing looked the same. There were celing fans on the ground, desks on thier sides and many more. His boss walked up and asked how he was doing. "Fine, what hap..." asked Ron, but before he could finish his sentence his boss had transformed into a frog-lion like creacher. He was big, with 8 legs, a mane, webbed feet, and muscular looking. "You don't like it?!, then I have no choice but to elimate you!" Ron trembled in fear and sprinted to his car.

He drove to Texas and lived there for awhile. He forgot about the creacher, and thought it was just a dream. He lived a happy life in Texas for the rest of his life.

3/16/10 The story
My favorite story is one I just made up. It goes like this...

Once upon a time everyone ate cheeseburgers. All they ate was cheeseburgers. Then one day a hero came. His name was heroman.
" watch out for heroman" said heroman. He took a pickle and ate it. Everyone ate pickles from then on.

3/14/10 Harrison Bergeron
We agreed on almost everything exept she thoght it was a weird book and I thought it was cool. She said that it wouldn't be fair and I aggreed, she thought the author was weird but I thought he would be cool. I thought that this age wouldn't be a good age for humans because they couldn't express themselfs. We both liked the book.

" edited for word choice"
The police sirens roared as the evil carrot ran away from the store. " You will never catch me!" snickered the evil carrot. Let me fill you in...

In all of fun town, where everyone did the same thing at the same time, there were only 2 criminals, the mad tomato, and the evil carrot. The mad tomato had been arrested 2 weeks ago for drinking a soda past 7:00 pm. Now only the evil carrot remained, and he was in court.

"You stand accused of breaking into and stealing a gumball on discount gumball day" said the judge, Amanda beniceto. "The jury finds you guilty!" And with that no more crimanals remained.

Henry dashed down the hall. " Run all you can!" snickered Mr. Manmanman. Henry grabbed a spoon, " NO! " yelled Mr. Manmanman, he was sucked in a portal and was never seen again... Until now!

Henry was in school, sleeping, when he heard a crash. He looked out the window and saw Mr. Manmanman holding a sign that said to meet him for a battle after school.

At the battle all Henry had to do was lift up a spoon and Mr.Manmanman dissapeared. THE END

Once upon a time there was a forest that hunters wanted to blow up. All the animals decided to stop them. They went crazy and attacked the hunters. The forest lived on.

Funny Haiku poem
The cool refrigarator

I like skiing. I do a lot of stuff to show off, like get a bunch of air or do a cool trick. I usually like to do steep runs like blues, blacks, and double blacks. I ski in Colorado where it is about twice as steep as here.

Some people like to do different kinds of terrain. My brother Dillon likes to go fast and steep, me and my brother Austin like to do moguls. Me and Dillon like to do all kinds of stuff in the terrain park. Austin dosn't like the terrain park. I like boxes and air. Dillon likes the camel bumps and ledges. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, let me explain.

A box is a platform, usually on a slant, with no snow on it and you need air to get on it, it is a lot like a rail only boxes are usually a little bit thicker. A camel bump is a small hill that when done at right speed and angle, gets you air. A ledge is just a dropoff.

My family goes skiing a lot and we all have a good time!

Well, gotta go! See you on the slopes!

Macaw Haiku poem

Macaws are so cool
They eat nuts in the forest
They are amazing

I love quia because it is a fun way to learn new things. You can learn about word masters while playing favorites like battleship and memory. I go on quia a lot and
LOVE it, But mom still makes me go on it more!

Two kinds of skating

First I am going to tell you about speed skating, Skaters race at speeds ranging at about 30 miles per hour, trying to get the fastest time on the track. They don't have regular skates, they have special skates that have special metal at the bottom that can help reduce friction by thinning out the metal to make them go fast, when the metal turns, the friction increaces and they turn easier. Speed skating is a very hard sport that uses a lot of leg muscle.

Figure skating is different though, people go and do tricks to impress judges, the judges can score them based on how they did, whoever has the most points wins. People dance to music and do a sort of ballet and dance to the music. Figure skates are just like hockey skates, only figure skates have a toe stopper to help land jumps. Figure skating is a sport that looks like you need more mind then muscle.

I like to ice skate, not figure or speed, just regular, but I use the ability they use, I use my mind to stay up and muscle to stay fast. Both sports look hard and energetic, but I think the athletes in them try REALLY hard to do it, they're not natural super easy sports, and I know that as a fact!

Both sports take a lot of hard work and ability, just different kinds!

The day after spring break

BANG! everyone heard as I lay there motionless. " You ok?" asked my brother Dillon, no reply. He came down to check on me, ok so let me fill you in, I was off school on mid winter break, so I was in Colorado skiing, and that's where it all began.

I was so exited to go skiing again, I could hardly wait, and the second we got to the condo at the resort, I grabbed my skis and headed down to the slopes... minuits later I was on top of paradice, my favorite lift. I spead down as fast as a jaguar runs to catch prey, and suddenly everything turned black, it was low visability, but this was a different kind of black, the next thing I knew I was rolling down the hill doing flips this way and that, then all went silent, I diddn't know what it was, but it was pitch black, then I woke up. " You ok?" asked my brother Dillon, "yeah, what happened?" " I don't know, I just saw you flipping over moguls faster then a bird can fly" " ok, I'm ok, Iets keep going." later we went in to dinner and went to bed.

I spent a lot of time with my dogs, and one day I decided to go into town, while I was in town I passed the chocalate factory and went inside, then I saw it the reward, a bone with white chocalate on the end, I read the inscription on the basket, WHITE CHOCALATE NOT HARMFUL TO DOGS. I thought thoes would be good so I got them and left, The dogs Loved them!

One day I had to go to school with my brother Austin and his teacher, Mr. Moore assigned a test about the parts of speech, did you know that there are 8? THATS 8 ways to talk! Then we had a trick tesk where we had to read the derections and do it, but the last part of the derections said not to take the quiz! More then half of the kids did it, it was halarios! Then we had lunch, then he read us a story, then music, I learned how to play Guitar! Then It was time to go home! It was a fast day, but I should still get an extra day of break for it! (just kidding!)

It was such a good break and I hope the next breaks go exactly like it! That way I would always have a good break, not that I don't anyway! :)

Audacity building
First you have to go to "my computer", Then you have to go to your "H Drive", Then on the side of your screen there is a link that says " Create a new folder" click on it then name the folder, Then you have to create an audacity, save it and drag it into your folder, Finally if you want to post it on the wiki, you have to click insert images and files, browse, choose your folder, choose your audacity, then click on it twice, you should have it on the page, Now you are DONE! ( wasn't that easy?")

Splash went the water as Dave was pushed in by his older brother James, " I'm going to eat you while you sleep!" " Suit yourself, just make sure you don't eat me raw!" They were at the town pool, but Dave diddn't have his suit on, he had his church cloths on.

The next day he got his revenge.

"EWWWWW! yelled James as he tasted his toothpaste, " you little brat! I'm going to kill you!" His toothpaste had worms in it.

2-3-10 The next day they were left alone, but Dave suddenly dissapeared. James went to look for him, but when he stepped outside he found a hole in the ground. He jumped in, but it was no ordinary hole, it had passageways that ran every way you could imagain, there were even some that went places you couldn't imagain.2-4-10 He looked both ways, and decided to go south, Dave's favorite direction, but when he got to the end of the tunnel there was a door and a dead end. He decided to go through the door, good idea, inside he found Dave, and dave was not moving, but he had a note in hand...
The note said, To my family, I have decided to run away because I am sick of getting sick of getting beat up by James, If you have found me, please let me stay...
- Dave

So James let him stay... Dave was never seen again.

"HI!" said wolf. "HI!" said pig as they walked into school. "You are nice" said wolf, "You are cool said pig".

And thats how wolf met pig. They became best friends for 80 years and then pig moved to a different state and then could only talk to wolf on thier cell phones. Then wolf moved and they never talked again...


John ran as fast as he could, evil john clones were chaceing him. He decided to talk to the master.

The master said he was trying to blow up John and then mars, O.k was all john said...

To be contuined...

01-28-10 * edited for sentence structure
The Curveball

"Oh no!" Said Ronny as the police car turned the corner. "I've Gotta hide!" He ran into the tunnel and took cover under some boxes, his jeans were soaked up to his waist and his shirt was torn, that is all he could remember before he passed out...

When he woke up he was in the back of a police car, the exact same police car that he saw turn the corner. "Finally awake?" asked the police man, his name tag said his name was officer Donald, " Yeah, where am I going?" asked Ronny. "To the B.V.O" said officer Donald. ( the B.V.O standed for the Brickville orphanage, the worst place EVER.) " NO!" said Ronny, " would you rather go to prison?" asked officer Donald, "yes" Ronny whispered, but of course he lost that arguement.

At the orphanage nobody looked at Ronny funny, they all knew who he was, he had been there for 6 years. That's where he had tried to escape from.

The next day Mr. Gordon announced that that they would be going to the Batters game. The Brickville Batters were Ronny's favorite baseball team of all time so he couldn't wait to see them play.

That night he couldn't sleep. "Would if I could get an autograph?" Ronny thought. "That would be AWESOME!"

The next day he woke up and got ready, he wouldn't miss this game for the world.

When they got in their seats and after the national anthom the announcer said that a lucky fan would be able to pitch the first pitch of the game. "And the lucky fan is... the fan sitting in row 16, seat 7!" That was Ronny! He got to the mound, looked down to home and threw the nastiest curve he had ever thrown. It soared way out, then came in... strike.


"RUUUUUUUUUN!" Said Jack, ( he was french so it diddn't sound like run) Him and his friends were being chased by evil ketchup shooters.

"Noooooooooooo!" Jack said as John was hit. He called in for reininforcemence.

The next day they arrived at the destination. They were then ambushed by Pam and her friends, Jack was the only French warior left.

He got a bigger army and attacted Pam, They lost...

At the furnual everyone was picked up by a giant hand, they were never seen again...

( They were French FRIES!) and Pam was a hamburger.


"WOW!" I said, looking down the ramp. It was like straight down! I gathered up my nerve and went down.

I landed it! I had gone down my first ramp! I went down the same ramp ( because I was afraid of the others) over and over again. I got so sweaty I could pobably use my sweat to power a car.

The next day I tried the halfpipe ( without sucess) and hurt my self really bad. Everyone in the park came to see if I was alright. I was.

I was so happy the first time I skateboarded down a ramp!

January 20, 2010

"She is gone!" I said, "and it's all your fault Dillon!" " She probably got hit by a car or something!" My dog Buffett had just ran out and diddn't come back. I blamed Dillon because Dillon is always yelling at Buffett and calling her names. Also it was him who booted her out of the house. I chased after her for over 3 hours, but then she turned a corner and when I turned the same corner she was gone. I looked at the picture I have of her and frowned.

I ran up to my room and went to bed even though it was only 5:00. The next morning I went out and looked for Buffett again. I called her name about 1,000,000 times and looked for hours. I went back to the same spot I saw her last but she wasn't there, I even put up posters. I did the same thing the next day, and the next but I never saw her again.

About 2 years later I got a new dog named Indigo. I trained Indy so well! She could sit, high five, down, roll over, and even play dead. I loved Indy and she loved me, she even slept at the foot of my bed! I Always looked at Buffett's picture I have before I go to bed.

I still look for Buffett a lot, even though it was over 4 years ago. I just think that somehow she is out there somewhere waiting for me to find her. :)

The End

DATE: 01/20/10